Nitto Tire NT555 series


Nitto NT555 Series High Performance Street Radial Tire.

Take your Mustang’s traction and handling performance to a different level by ordering this Nitto NT555 Series High Performance Street Radial Tire. Now available at CJ Pony Parts, this tire will have your Pony soaring off the line and will let you hit those corners with ease.

Features & Benefits:
– High-Performance Summer Tire
– Increased Traction & Handling Capabilities
– Provides More Stability
– Advanced Tread Compound
– Reinforced Tread Blocks
– Larger Contact Patch
– Longer Tread Life
– Available in Multiple Sizes

This street radial tire is an ultra high-performance summer tire that is a part of Nitto’s NT555 Series. Designed with more of a performance influence, this tired will provide a significant improvement to your Mustang’s traction and handling capabilities. The advanced tread compound of the tire will produce a great balance of dry traction and long-term tread life.

Nitto’s tire has a large contact patch which will have more rubber coming into contact with the road. This NT555 tire also features tread blocks that have been reinforced for a more rigid and stable performance. So you’ll not only be able to get off the line quick but also more stable in the straights and smooth hitting the corners. So enjoy a strong performance from your Mustang and a longer tread life out of your tires by purchasing this NT555 Series High Performance Street Radial Tire from Nitto!

Tire Specs:
– UTQG Treadwear: 300
– Traction: A
– Temperature: A

*This tire is sold individually.

Nitto Tire North America is a world-renowned manufacturer of aftermarket performance-grade tires for daily drivers and drag racers alike. Their wide variety of tire sizing, functional tread patterns and durable tire compounds combine all the styling of modern aesthetics with the performance benefits of the latest cutting-edge technology in the tire making industry.

Go ahead and purchase Nitto’s NT555 Series High Performance Street Radial Tire for your Mustang